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Is Meditation Different From Yoga?

Before judging difference it is important to know what is ‘Yoga’? Yoga is a sanskrit word which means intentional and concentrated practice to unite one’s ‘Atma’ in ‘Paramatma’.

What is addiction?

Adiction is that habit of the human being with which one gives importance to only one part of the life ignoring other parts giving low importance. Adiction is not common for every human being.

Bakti Yoga

Bhagvat Gita is one of the most sacred book of the hindus. It comprises of the conversation of Lord Krishna and Arjuna during the kurukshetra battle, between the pandavas and the kauravas. It is the advice of the Lord to the entire Mankind, generally. The Gita has eighteen chapters. The twelfth chapter is called the Bhakti yoga-ways to reach God. A brief outline about this chapter…

Meditation is a state of consciousness

Meditation is a state of consciousness when your mind is free of thoughts.

Meditation is flow of your mind towards concentration. You have to develop concentration for meditation.

Kriya Yoga

The Meaning of Kriya

The word Kriya is composed of two syllables, kri and yâ. In Sanskrit, kri means karma dhatu – action of the elements, and yâ means Soul or Atma. The word Kriya indicates action of the Soul or prâna karma. The first and most important action of the Soul is breath.

Powers Can Be Aquired By Meditation.

There are several powers that consists with people. But these can be suppressed with unawareness of this truth. To get awareness people must start thinking some spirituality and start practicing meditation.


Have you ever thought about where our Life is to travell to ? If not, think once now for few seconds. Have got any answer? Yes? Do you think is that the right answer? No? Do you remember the life style what you had lived in your child hood? Did you observe any changes in that? Was that a happy one? Definitely yes.


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